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Elements Of A Digital Magazine Layout

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You can judge a digital magazine by its layout. The layout design of a digital magazine is the driving force for accentuating greater audience and ultimately enhances the conversion rate in the niche. More importantly, it gives a character that differentiate your digital magazine from all others. And, some would argue, this identity extends to the reader as well. If you need to get started with the basics, below is a quick rundown of the elements of a digital magazine layout. To illustrate each item. Elements of a Digital Magazine Layout WORDMARK – The name of the magazine presented on the front cover. TAGLINE/DESCRIPTION – This is a short description of the title’s main marketing point, for example NatGeo’s multiplatform magazine’s tagline is ‘The Places We Take You Aren’t Just On A Map’ PUBLICATION DATE – The date the digital magazine is expected to be released. Often shown in months and years COVERLINES – These are at most, a sentence, to explain a story that will be featured inside the digital magazine. They are usually appear smaller (smaller the size, the least importance usually, this applys for the main cover line also). Feature HEADLINE – The title of an article and the place where the eye will go first. The first and most important textual element on a page. It can be […]