February 2019
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Replica Magazine for your website

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Digital magazines offer publishers the unique opportunity to entertain readers at a deeper level with interactive features unavailable in print – such as video, audio, animations and hyperlinks – while saving money traditionally spent on print and distribution. Creating a “replica” edition, or an exact replication of the print product into a digital format, allows for the benefits of digital platform with all the familiarity of the traditional print layout. Digital circulation opens new audience development strategies by capitalizing on social sharing and aggregation. Plus, publishers can monitor their readers’ behavior at any time via the detailed tracking provided with each issue, empowering publishers to focus their attention and resources on the portions of their publication most interesting to readers. Process Creating a replica of a print magazine means little to no work flow disruption for your production department. To get started, you supply us with your PDF files, which our Production Team will use to build the digital edition. During the build process, our production team will make all URLs “live,” add a table of contents feature, and enable share features. Our designers will also add any rich media, digital extras and mobile options requested by the client at this stage. Total turn-around time for projects is 3-5 business days, with rush services available. When your project is complete, […]